Sunday, November 18, 2012

The End of the Hanbok Project

Items and sources:

1) Jeogori
-Body: Whanggeum fabric from Sonjjang
-Collar and cuffs: Reverse side of whanggeum fabric
-Dongjeong: White satin from Sonjjang
-Georum: Purple charmeuse satin from Spotlight
-Lining: Black Bensilk lining from Spotlight

2) Chima:
-Skirt: Hunter green duchess satin from
-Waistband: Reverse side of duchess satin
-Overlay skirt: Black burnout fabric from Sonjjang
-Waistband of overlay skirt: Black nobang fabric from Sonjjang

3) Underskirt/Petticoats: Purchased from Sonjjang

4) Hair accessories as listed in the previous post. Norigae from Sonjjang, pendant from Etsy (SCDiva).

That's it! I might re-visit the hair again but the hanbok project is officially over after dribs and drabs of sewing over more than a year. Will look around for good photoshoot locations in the meantime. I've decided to put the Burgundian gown on hold for now; the next project will be a Tang Dynasty piece. It's going to be an interesting follow up to the hanbok as Tang Dynasty clothes (arguably) influenced Korean clothing during the Unified Silla Dynasty before Korean clothes developed their unique silhouette.

You can see here the similarity here in the way the skirt is tied with ribbons around the waist like the chima. This reminded me of Kim Min Jeong's fusion hanbok designs:

It's amazing how fashion has come full circle over a few thousand years; how the likely origins of the hanbok is now perceived as "fusion", "modern" in relation to the 20th century design. Stuff like this continues to fascinate me and make me excited about what I'm doing!

Please leave a comment if you think my work can be improved in any way, if you have any suggestions, or if you have done a similar project and would like to spread the inspiration :)


  1. Love it! It turned out beautifully!
    I just started sketching out my hanbok ideas/patterns, myself. Just bought the fabric. ^__^

  2. This is amazing! I'm so mining your blog for ideas -- as I have an old wedding hanbok that I want to make more wearable.
    Your color selection is amongst the prettiest I've seen outside a fashion spread. Great work!

  3. Thank you! :) Good luck with your projects too!

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