Monday, November 14, 2011

Hanbok QC

That's QC for quality check. After many occasions of prancing around in my hanbok and examining it in the mirror with a very critical eye, I've noticed some issues that need to be rectified:

1) Early on while drafting I failed to spot this in the Folkwear, or at least I thought it didn't really matter, but it does make a big difference if you are looking for authenticity. In Folkwear, the opening of the jeogori (pieces F and G) have a triangular shape as they slant towards the middle. However having made mine according to this pattern piece, I observed that you end up with a weird flapping triangle of excess material when you tie the jacket together. Hopefully the image gives a better explanation; sorry for the poor graphics quality!

Now if you follow the blue lines, the Folkwear pattern (on top) has a sloping diagonal line while the Korean pattern ends with two straight almost vertical lines on either sides of the jeogori. This gives a much sleeker shape that reflects the Y necklines of Chinese dress which were an influence on Korean clothing. It is pretty obvious in this picture of Ha Ji Won:

The Y line is even more explicit in this picture:

So here's another bit where Folkwear has gone wrong...I will have to unpick the lining and redo this edge.

2) There are apparently different widths and ways to tie the jeogori close: The 18th century one had a much thinner tie and the bow was slightly tilted to the side, as you can see from Ha Ji Won's picture. The bottom hanbok, in the modern silhouette, has a much wider ribbon that is positioned laterally across the bust. Another thing to be modified.

3) I'm going to be making another chima-mine is currently the epitome of boredom when I look into the mirror-or perhaps I'm way too fastidious, but I'm not too happy with it. I thought of putting gold foil trim around the bottom but in retrospect that would look tacky and very shiny. Also, I think I want a broader skirt and more pleats at the waistline, going to try it with 4 yards of cloth this time. Updates later on!

By the way, if anyone is from Singapore and would like to buy my chima, feel free to get in touch; I will sell it to you at cost price. Thank you for reading!


  1. hi do you sell hanboks! :) I'm interested in buying a set, do email me at sallyyth at gmail thank you! I'm from Singapore btw :)

  2. Hi Sally, I don't sell them but if you're interested I can consider making you a set :) Am quite busy at the moment though...will probably only be free in June :( Thank you for reading my blog!

  3. Thank you for posting this! Its going to be very helpful when I get around to making one for myself. I appreciate the fitting tips.

  4. Hi, I will like to check if you can help to custom make the modern jeogori only instead of the whole hanbok? Thanks.

    1. Hi Pei Yuet, thanks for stopping by! I would love to help you customize one if I had the time, but am really busy with work right now that I don't have time to even continue my own costuming projects :( You can try ordering from though, they have a gorgeous selection of hanboks and I'm sure they would be happy to make a jeogori for you.