Sunday, September 11, 2011

Game of Thrones Costume Design

Some very interesting insights into the designer's thought process behind the costumes for Game of Thrones. (Thanks Jina for sharing!)

I especially love Michele Clapton's use of colour and texture for the different kingdoms. Characterization is obviously the most important consideration, besides trying to create a visible identity through dress for the different people groups. Practical considerations are also very important in the design process or one can get carried away by concepts and ideas; here she thinks carefully about the needs of the actors, the logic of certain clothes in certain weather conditions etc.

What I call fictional realism is something used to great effect and success here (and in lots of other period shows - Starz's Camelot, The Tudors), where costumes signal "recognizable characters and elements" in a world that is "gritty and real", and therefore close to our own - while drawing audiences into the fantasy and unfamiliarity of it. Although this is progression from the purist vision of perfect re-enactment, and while many moan over how Elizabethan The Tudor's costumes are...who cares as long as it works brilliantly to suggest character, fits into the world of the show, and makes a pretty sight? Really looking forward to the series!

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